Treating the Whole Person


Consciousness Rising: Where We Are, Where We Have Been, Where We Are Going


Wednesday, November 6th 6:30-7:30 p.m.

With so many huge challenges in almost every aspect of our outer lives, what is happening with our “inner” lives? Is the old paradigm of human consciousness being challenged as well? Many astute observers from many disciplines feel it is. Let’s take a look and gain some insight as to what is happening within as well as without. One hint: our old relationship with time is up for grabs.  

This talk is presented by Ron Moor. Spiritual director and energy healer, Ron has been a student of the evolution of human consciousness for over 40 years.   

"Earth, is not your urgent command transformation!"-  Ranier Maria Rilke

This talk is FREE but an RSVP email  is appreciated to let us know you plan to attend.

Are you ready to be your Ideal Weight? Then you're ready for Ideal Protein!


Tuesday, November 12 6:00 p.m.

FREE Information Session

 Ideal Protein ® Weight Loss Method  is a physician-supervised, medically sound, easy-to-follow weight loss program that includes your own coach! With the Ideal Protein Protocol, you will not only see results, but also be provided with valuable educational nutrition knowledge to help you sustain your results on a long-term basis.

Come learn more and meet the Ideal Protein Team!

Special presentation by      

Ideal Protein’s Dr. Pamela Stucky-LaGuardia, D.C. 

Information sessions are FREE but an RSVP is requested.
Please call 262-665-4611 to reserve your spot.

This presentation takes place on the second floor in the offices of Dr. Gary Lewis

7 Practical Ways to Get Healthy and Live Your Best Life


Wednesday, November 13 6:30-7:30 p.m.

In this information-packed presentation, psychotherapist Jenny Strom, MA, LPC of North Shore Therapies will share 7 practical ways to promote a healthy mind-body and gut-brain connection and how to add a layer of Mindfulness to them in order to live your best life.

This presentation is for you if you want to: 

  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and the intensity of your negative emotions
  • Feel better in your body
  • Let go of what you can’t control
  • Sharpen your concentration skills
  • Reduce likelihood of conditions related to heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes 
  • Reduce pain sensations
  • Improve sleep
  • Live a longer and more connected life!

Jenny will cover how Mindfulness tools used in conjunction with 7 Practical Healthy Habits can ultimately give you choices and power over your thoughts, your feelings, your health and your life! 

This talk is FREE but an RSVP email  is appreciated to let us know you plan to attend.

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Could Change Your Life


Wednesday, November 20th 6:30-7:30 p,m.

Naltrexone is a little known generic drug that holds revolutionary potential for treating Autoimmune Diseases, Depression, Thyroid Disorders, Fibromyalgia, Crohn's Disease and more when administered in small daily doses.

Pharmacist Omar Eliwa, owner of Welltopia Pharmacy, will share the most recent research and applications of this promising treatment.

Join us in the third floor community room. 

This talk is FREE but an RSVP email  is appreciated to let us know you plan to attend.

Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD)


Tuesday, December 3 6:30-7:30 p.m. 

According to the Mayo Clinic:
"Persistent, recurrent problems with sexual response, desire, orgasm or pain — that distress you or strain your relationship with your partner — are known medically as sexual dysfunction.

Symptoms vary depending on what type of sexual dysfunction you're experiencing and can include:

Low sexual desire--This most common of female sexual dysfunctions involves a lack of sexual interest and willingness to be sexual.

Sexual arousal disorder--Your desire for sex might be intact, but you have difficulty with arousal or are unable to become aroused or maintain arousal during sexual activity.

Orgasmic disorder--You have persistent or recurrent difficulty in achieving orgasm after sufficient sexual arousal and ongoing stimulation.

Sexual pain disorder--You have pain associated with sexual stimulation or vaginal contact."

This FREE talk is presented by Danish Siddiqui, M.D., OB/GYN and co-founder of RemedyNow Aesthetics.

The purpose of this presentation is to provide an overview of female sexual dysfunction, to outline criteria for diagnosis, and to discuss currently recommended management strategies based on the best available evidence.

While this talk is FREE, an RSVP email  is appreciated to let us know you plan to attend.

Tao of Meditation


Drop in gathering 

Every Wednesday 10:30 a.m.-Noon

In every sacred tradition, silence, stillness and attentive presence are keys to living a more balanced, harmonious and healthful life. 

Join Ron Moor  in a weekly meditation gathering based on the 81 brief, enigmatic sayings of the 2,500 year old Chinese wisdom tradition known as The Tao Te Ching. With uncommon elegance, it crystallizes the teachings of Taoist philosophy on such perennial matters as power, happiness, and the source of meaning in human life. Every generation of admirers has felt, and continues to feel, a prescience in these ancient teachings so astonishing that they appear to have been written for their own time. 

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