Ron Moor


Ron has been blessed with amazing teachers, men and women he has known personally – Rosalyn L. Bruyere, Joseph Campbell, Carl Rogers, Manly P. Hall, Roger Weir, Mary Elizabeth Thunder, and Julia Assante.

In those 40 years since he was called to walk that road less traveled, he has been married, co-parented two wonderful sons, ministered to 3 different congregations, founded a successful alternative business (Center For Wholeness), taught hundreds of classes and worked with thousands of clients.

Ron has a bachelor’s degree from Bowling Green State University, an MBA from Indiana University, and received his primary training as a hands-on energy healer from Rosalyn L. Bruyere. He studied and worked with her for 8 years. He is ordained through the Healing Light Center Seminary, now in Pasadena, California.

Ron brings all of who he is, of what he has discovered, of what he has learned, to all that he offers. Enter a sanctuary of caring, of healing, and of deepening under The Sheltering Oak of Ron through private healing sessions and small group classes.

To schedule an individual session with Ron, please contact him directly at or (952)929-1559 or visit his website. For more information on the meditation, drumming and spiritual discussion groups he leads, click here.